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WOCAL-7: Sign Language Workshop ACCOMODATIONS
The venue will be held at University of Buea, in the capital city of the Southwest Region of Cameroon, Africa.


Eta Palace Hotel (10-minute walking distance)
Molyko Main Street - Happicam, Buea 319, Cameroon

Capitol Residence (3 miles away)
Buea B.P. 227, Cameroon

More information will be coming soon.

DORMS: Unfortunately unavailable.

AIRPORT: "The nearest major airport is Douala International Airport (DLA / FKKD). This airport has international and domestic flights from Douala, Cameroon and is about 56 km from the center of Buea, Cameroon." (Source:

VISAS ON ARRIVAL: Be prepared to pay $100 or 76 Euros for visa fees if you come from a country without Cameroonian Consulate.

TRANSPORTATION: Shuttle may be 20 Euro or 30 Dollars for drop-off service. Possible 1-2 hours depending on heavy traffic.

DIRECTIONS: (from Douala Airport to central Buea)
73.5 km (about 1 hour 10 mins)
1.         Head east         1.3 km
2.         Merge onto Autoroute de L' Avaition    550 m
3.         Turn left toward Rue Nassif      1.2 km
4.         Turn left toward Rue Nassif      290 m
5.         At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Rue Nassif    900 m
6.         Turn right onto Boulevard de L'Unite     1.3 km
7.         Turn left onto Boulevard de la Réunification/P 14; Continue to follow P 14; Go through 1 roundabout
2.3 km
8.         At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto N3    280 m
9.         At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Nouvelle route Bonaberi         2.1 km
10.       Slight left to stay on Nouvelle route Bonaberi     450 m
11.       Turn left toward Vers Baobab et fin goudron     190 m
12.       Slight right onto Vers Baobab et fin goudron      1.5 km
13.       Turn left onto Rue école publique          350 m
14.       Rue école publique turns slightly right and becomes Nouvelle route Bonaberi      46.0 km
15.       Turn right onto N 8       7.6 km
16.       Slight left          7.3 km


FARTS Building photo

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